5 Reasons You Should Attend Musicara (number 6 is hilarious)

Musicara is rolling and almost upon us. February 10th, 7:00 pm promises to be an amazing night so let me tell you why you cannot miss it.
1. Steven’s smile.
I honestly could have ended it here. I mean, look at that smile. The charm, the technique, simply top-notch. This smile will be on full display at Musicara so I see no reason you wouldn’t want to be there.
2. The name
Musicara. Muuuuuusicaaaaaara. It just rolls off the tongue so smoothly. Plus, it’s a hilarious pun on Music + Mascara, and since we all know you love puns (why else are you reading my writing), you should come to hear that name being said all night long.
3. These two and their sunglasses.
“These are some pretty great MCs-WHOA DID THEY PUT ON SUNGLASSES MY MIND IS BLOWN” – everyone at LipSync, 2014. Do you want them back for Musicara 2015? Of course you do. If this page gets 100 shares Angelica and Daniel will be back adorned with UV protecting equipment. On second thought that is a bit ambitious. If this page gets 50 shares, we will be back. Or maybe just 5 likes…
4. You get to feel warm and fuzzy.
And I’m not talking about that feeling you get after 10 beers. The energy in the room, the philanthropist spirit, and just general goodness, they will all leave you feeling awesome after Musicara. Everybody wants to feel awesome and Musicara can help you on your way to feeling awesome. Come and feel awesome.
5. The musicians.
I’ll bet you didn’t see this one coming. Musicara will feature some of the top musicians from Vancouver. From the dance beats of Jeremy Lim to the charm of Gio Levy, Musicara will have it all. We aren’t bragging when we say this is some music talent that you do not want to miss out on (well I guess we kind of are bragging). It’ll be amazing.

Did these reasons convince you? If yes, what are you waiting for? Tickets can be purchased here and they are going fast so don’t miss out. Additional information can be found on our Facebook and our Website. If this post didn’t convince you, sorry it isn’t my FORTE, so my jokes probably fell FLAT.

Daniel Gao
Director, Communications