Beauty Night Society

We all know that music and makeup make a pretty awesome team. This time, the folks at Beauty Night Society teamed up with us to make their Beauty Night even more beautiful … if only it was because we had the one and only Don Tran there. So who  is Beauty Night Society? They are[…]

HUM Insider | Angelica Poversky

HUM Insider will be a series of blog posts where I will interview the many people behind HUM. This is your chance to get to know our incredibly diverse and magnificent team and maybe even see your friends’ (or your own) embarrassing interviews so you can laugh at them forever. Either way, we don’t judge. […]

Improv on the Canada Line

“Sunday morning rain is fallin…” Hang on a sec. Did that guy beside me just sing the song I’m singing in my head? OMG did the whole skytrain start singing the song?! Are these people all psychic??? I sure hope they didn’t hear me think to myself how cute the director of communications looked…That’s how[…]

Windermere Care Centre

“Sunday morning rain is falling…” What better way to spend a rainy Sunday than to serenade seniors with sweet love songs? Our volunteers gathered together in front of a great audience at Windermere Care Centre, home to over 200 residents. Our HUM family continues to grow as yet another new musician, Don Tran, made his[…]

Richmond Night Market

The smell of potato swirls, BBQ squid and bubble waffles are in the air. Everywhere you look, bundles of socks, phone cases and mops are being sold to customers who sometimes aren’t quite sure what they were buying. Then suddenly, your ears hear a familiar sound. “Is that Wendy He’s sweet sweet voice I hear?”[…]

Brock Fahrni

Complete back-to-back events: check. Whaaaat? Yes, that is right. HUM managed TWO events within 4 hours. We were given a chance to perform for the residents of Brock Fahrni, many of whom were veterans, on the same day where we performed at Ronald McDonald House. What was awesome was that we had FOUR musicians make[…]

First United Church

I promised a lot of events this month and I was not kidding around. Right after our event for the MS Society, we got busy with another event in the Downtown Eastside at the First United Church. As you can see, we were very welcome there! Being on a weekday, our[…]

MS Society Walk

An early Sunday morning (like really really early) is usually a good time to a) sleep, b) sleep or c) sleep. But it’s an even better time to get together by the fields in Garry Point to play music for an incredible cause, which is exactly what Wishbone did (with the help of Sally, Steven,[…]