BC Children’s Hospital

On July 24th a group of brave souls ventured out into the vast uncharted territory of … Squamish. No, we weren’t asked to perform at the Squamish Music Festival, but in my mind, we got to do something even better. We were asked by The Lipstick Project and BC Children’s Hospital to take part in the camp for children with arthritis and we were more than thrilled to go. Take a read into our incredibly fun day.
We got to the venue early and it was such a perfect camping atmosphere. The log buildings, wooden chandeliers lit by candles and even a live bat all helped to bring the wonderful feelings of camp to life. After setting everything up, we knew those empty chairs would soon be filled with excited kids so our team got to work prepping the day.
While our team tries to figure out the projector, Cristina takes a moment to look awesome for the camera. #alwaysbecameraready. Mike (our wonderful photographer) very graciously didn’t take a photo of the carnage happening behind him as people were commencing with last minute panic practicing.
Our first activity was a really cool “experiment group activity” that was developed by Bobby McFerrin. It is a bit complicated but if you want to see the gist of it, here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne6tB2KiZuk. It is also worth noting that you should stretch before doing this, because doing this (plus practice) caused my legs to cramp for an embarrassingly long amount of time.
After giving me a few hours to rest up (just kidding, I would have needed days) Alvin and I led the group through a workshop that we created. It was a chance for us to teach the campers that music is more than just a few songs and lyrics, and we focused on the idea of the 3 H’s: Healing, Happiness and Harmony.
It was then time for our performers to take the stage! We featured four performances: Kamaira, Kamaira and Alvin, Jessica and Alvin, and Cristina. The first three wowed the kids with various guitar and singing arrangements while Cristina brought out her trusty accordion to dazzle the audience.
The performances were so much fun but we also wanted to interact with the kids, so Vanessa and Joe led a series of activities for everyone to partake in. Cardboard logs, charades, and musical chairs were just some of the fun games we all played.
Last but not least, we finished the day off with a group sing-along. Accompanied by our musicians, campers and volunteers alike. The highlight was when a camper requested to sing “Lean on Me” and everyone got a massive dosage of the feels.

What a phenomenal event for us to be part of and all the volunteers left with a big smile on their face. Seeing the kids enjoying what we did and knowing that we made their camp experience that much brighter was truly a great feeling for us to have. Thanks for reading and to end off, what is Franz Liszt’s favourite outdoors activity? To take part in la CAMPanella.

Daniel Gao
Director, Communications