Beauty Night Society

We all know that music and makeup make a pretty awesome team. This time, the folks at Beauty Night Society teamed up with us to make their Beauty Night even more beautiful … if only it was because we had the one and only Don Tran there. So who  is Beauty Night Society? They are an incredibly dedicated group from Vancouver who empower impoverished women by giving them make-overs and other beauty services. Oh, they also write awesome blog posts :
The event was held at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and a large group of BNS volunteers, #teamHUM and, of course, the women themselves, were all there to take in the beauty and music. HUM had performances from a plethora of musicians, some old, some new, but all awesome.
The sheer brilliance of music shone all throughout this event, but there were two specific highlights that really stuck out to me. The first was this magical moment when a bunch of the women just got up and started dancing. These people who barely knew each other were all up on their feet dancing to the universal language of music. Simply amazing. Oh yeah, our director of partnerships showed off some slick moves too (woot Winnie!).
The other moment was when our very own Jacqueline Dawn performed. Midway through her performance, a lady and her two children ran up beside Jacqueline to take pictures with her! It was like attending a big name concert, and you could see how thrilled the kids were.
It was another successful event, something we were very lucky to be a part of and hopefully something we can be a part of again in the future. Thanks again for reading and until next time, stay beautiful everyone!

Daniel Gao
Director, Communications

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