HUM Insider | Winnie Ma

HUM Insider will be a series of blog posts where I will interview the many people behind HUM. This is your chance to get to know our incredibly diverse and magnificent team and maybe even see your friends’ (or your own) embarrassing interviews so you can laugh at them forever. Either way, we don’t judge. […]

TEDx Kids BC

What an event. I will try my best to be HUMble but TEDx Kids BC was really something else for HUM. We were extremely proud to have been invited and the event was absolutely awesome. We had the chance to give presentations, perform and host workshops for hundreds of kids from around BC, and we[…]

Ronald McDonald House: Amazing Journey

We were stoked about another opportunity to collaborate with Ronald McDonald House again for their upcoming 6th annual Amazing Journey event! Competitors (parents and their children, in teams of two) raced to the finish line while competing a series of fun challenges throughout Vancouver, and we were invited to run one of the challenges –[…]

BC Children’s Hospital

On July 24th a group of brave souls ventured out into the vast uncharted territory of … Squamish. No, we weren’t asked to perform at the Squamish Music Festival, but in my mind, we got to do something even better. We were asked by The Lipstick Project and BC Children’s Hospital to take part in[…]