EP Release Party

The dream of having a HUM EP became a reality when this project kicked off in September.

Some 9 months ago, HUM supporter Jaeden Froese came up to the group and said, “Hey dude man bro,” yes that’s exactly how he talks- “Want me to produce a little EP for ya’ll?”

Jaeden told us he really valued what HUM stands for, our mantra of “Healing Using Music”, and that he is delighted to see the work we do with different charities and nonprofits. Our philosophy of giving back, made him want to give back which is pretty inspiring.

So in response we said, “yeah man yeah man yo.”

And BOOM, The EP was born.

Actually not quite.

The weeks following were filled with executive chats with Steven, Angelica and Jaeden. After compiling a list of the musicians we would like to include on the EP, fittingly named “Healing”, we set out to record and produce our first project to showcase a few of our volunteer musicians.

In November and October we got to work at Greenhouse Studios, recording the project comprised of the songs Oh, Love by Alyssa Baker, The Pessimist by Alvin Brendan, Lemon Morning (A Cover)  by Chris Yan, Honey Bee ( A Cover ) by Kamaira LeBlanc, BC Fairies by Goons and The Real World by Tessa Mouzourakis.

After the magical recording engineering of Braeden ‘Pockets’ Rangno captured the musicians pouring their souls into perfecting their pieces, Jaeden left on a mission to edit, mix master and perfect the EP to its final form after many long hours of audio production.

The fantastic cover design was done by no other than Stephanie Leung, the talented graphic artist who helped with our Musicara designs. Bruce Nip, our dedicated sound engineer and technical guru, prepared the EP for packaging and distribution.

After months of planning and hard work, The EP Release Party finally took place on Friday, May 8th, in the Million Dollar View Room at The Profile. And what a view it was (luckily it didn’t cost us one million dollars)! Our vision was to have the musicians share their work and bring their melodies to life to touch our audience.

The event kicked off at 7pm and the audience eagerly tapped their toes to the tunes that lie ahead.

Tessa Mouzourakis kicked off the night with sweet tunes and channeled a soothing, folk sound.

There was an appearance by Jaeden Froese, the volunteer producer himself. The audience clapped for him for a full minute before he sat back down (blushing).
This was followed a series of songs from Pierre Camba. Although he was the only musician there not featured on the EP, he was just as appreciated and wowed the audience with his innovative and captivating way of playing the guitar.


There was an intermission and opportunity to mingle, chat with our organizers about HUM, consume Happy Water and spread the positive energy.

Once we regrouped, Kamaira Leblanc stole our hearts once more and sang one of the songs on the EP, Honey Bee.

Then crowd pleaser Alvin rocked away some jams, and in the back enthusiastic people even joined in with shakers and sang along in the most adorable impromptu way imaginable.
To wrap up the show were HUM musicians, The Wishbone, the 5 piece band who rounded off the evening on an energetic and happy note.

(Get it, note?)

Angelica Poversky