TEDx Kids BC

What an event. I will try my best to be HUMble but TEDx Kids BC was really something else for HUM. We were extremely proud to have been invited and the event was absolutely awesome. We had the chance to give presentations, perform and host workshops for hundreds of kids from around BC, and we couldn’t be happier we did. Take a read to follow our day at the Michael J. Fox Theater.
We started the day off by giving a presentation on the powers of the pentatonic scale through an activity with the whole audience. As I stood there basking in the glory of applause and cheers, all I could really think in my head was, “I can’t believe that worked.” To get a gist of what we did, take a look at this video by Bobby McFerrin.
Right after the presentation the audience was treated to a performance by the revamped Wishbone. With pianist Eric in Calgary for school, the band members looked to drummer Lucas to fill in Eric’s sizable shoes, and boy did he deliver. The boys performed a fantastic rendition of “All About That Bass,” and wowed the audience with their talent.
During lunchtime, we set the Wishbone to performing in the main hall to draw in traffic to our HUM booth (run by the ever-awesome Angelica and myself). You can see her take a moment to look awesome for the camera as I stay hard at work talking to people about HUM. Hmm.

We finished off our day by putting on a couple of workshops about “Music: How It Can Change Your Life.” The crowd was really into our workshop and we had a ton of fun running them.

Overall, it was truly a spectacular day and HUM is very thankful to the team at TEDx for having us. All of our performers, volunteers and directors all really enjoyed their time there and we can’t wait for more opportunities like this!