Music bombing!

What a busy month!  On Friday, we were invited to perform at UBC Music Initiative (UMI)’s year end concert. Wishbone represented HUM at this event and rocked the stage with their beautiful vocals and harmonies.

But what transpired afterwards was probably the highlight of the evening.

Next door, World Vision UBC was having a 30 hour famine event. Seeing that there were lots of people inside, we decided to crash the party and offered to play live music.  The execs, though confused at first by our offer, rolled along with our spontaneity and randomness and even introduced us to everyone.  *High five*

So we played. Met a bunch of really cool people, took a photo with two bananas and brought a few smiles to the ladies (and guys) in the audience.

Music bomb … success.

Steven Ngo
Executive Director and Founder