Residence for Independent Living Society

Gorgeous sunshine, tasty burgers and HUM music makes for an awesome volunteer appreciation BBQ. That’s exactly what we had at the Residence for Independent Living Society in False Creek on Wednesday. We were invited here last year and we were more than happy to come play again for the volunteers and residents this year (plus we got to eat some of their amazing food).
Our performers featured some familiar faces from HUM, with Steven, Wendy, Kamaira and Alvin kicking things off. Despite not being able to convince Steven to sing some Elvis for everyone, the group wowed the audience with their catchy and fun tunes.
The next performer changed up the pace with an instrument not often seen in HUM (or anywhere for that matter…) The one and only Cristina Agatep on her beloved accordion! It was an incredible performance as C. C. Teps (her stage name) entranced the audience with some classic accordion songs before finishing with the Star Wars Cantina. ACCORDIoNG to the audience, she was pretty darn talented, not to mention highly photogenic.
The night concluded with Kamaira and Alvin retaking the stage, joined by the always interesting Eric Ma. It was another fun event to be part of and we are already looking forwards to next year! RILS and gRILS 2015!

Daniel Gao
Director, Communications