HUM Insider | Winnie Ma

HUM Insider will be a series of blog posts where I will interview the many people behind HUM. This is your chance to get to know our incredibly diverse and magnificent team and maybe even see your friends’ (or your own) embarrassing interviews so you can laugh at them forever. Either way, we don’t judge. 
This issue of HUM Insider features the Director of Partnerships herself, Winnie Ma. One of the original founders of HUM, Winnie has been with our organization since day one and now we get to take an exclusive look into one of the key brains here at HUM.
Daniel: How or why did you start HUM?
Winnie: Well it was born out of this idea of wanting to channel positive energy into our community. I was going on a humanitarian trip to Africa in March of 2013, so Steven and I started planning a benefit concert for my trip. The event ended up being a concert in a warehouse where over 150 people showed up. And so HUM was born.
Daniel: Since that first warehouse concert, how do you feel HUM has grown?
Winnie: Although it’s only been less than two years, we have grown so much, and a lot of that I think is due to the influx of new volunteers, youth involvement and partnerships with local groups. There are so many new people catching onto our message … it’s awesome.
Daniel: So that means we can expect more growth in the future?
Winnie: Absolutely. This is only the beginning for us. We’ve already gotten great partners such as Ronald McDonald House, Beauty Night Society, The Lipstick Project, among many others, and there continue to be more local groups reaching out to us to work together.
Daniel: What would you say is your favourite part of being a part of HUM?
Winnie: I would say having a birds-eye view of everything, and getting the chance to empower more people. I also want to secretly revisit my musical past…
Daniel: Oh so you used to play music
Winnie: I actually have a level 10 in piano! I want to try and get back to performing so one of these days I’ll be up there.
Daniel: So what do you do outside of HUM?
Winnie: I am a hospital pharmacist.
Daniel: Wow that sounds busy. How do you balance work and managing large events?
Winnie: Yes, it can be quite difficult and missing Steven is tough. I’m also involved with other organizations so it can also be hard to juggle that too. But HUM is great because the more events we do, and the more volunteers who go to those events, we get more committed people who can lead events which helps to lessen my workload. Also, being part of HUM, it becomes a part of you and now I find myself constantly thinking about HUM. For example, just the other day, I was at the local farmer’s market (amazing coffee) and it features musicians. I met the guitarist “Alex” and immediately started thinking about recruiting him.
Daniel: Alright, quickfire questions. Favourite colour?
Winnie: Tiffany Blue.
Daniel: Favourite music?
Winnie: Slow jams
Daniel: Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur?
Winnie: Bulbasaur. Love for the underdog.
Daniel: Thanks for joining me Winnie.